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Design & Site Planning

Transform your home, business, or municipality with the help of Land Design Group in Knoxville, Tennessee. We consult with clients to create a plan that matches your vision, maximizes your space, and is feasible for your specific environment.

Little River Pump Station

Commercial Services

The Land Design Group gives foresight and vision to any project by maximizing developed space and creating amenities with curb appeal. We ensure a cohesive design that compliments all of the aspects of your project. Planning involves coordination between various project team members throughout the design process. We work with:

Developers | Civil Engineers | Architects | Owners/Representatives | Municipalities

Residential Services

Consultations for landscape design help guide you as a homeowner throughout the architectural process. Through site analysis and input from the client, Land Design Group creates functional and aesthetically pleasing landscapes that meet the homeowner's expectations. We work diligently to stay within your budget. Sometimes your project takes places in different phases over a period of time, so we offer a master plan solution to facilitate this as well. This plan allows the flexibility for change, but ensures that, at completion, the project is a cohesive design that allows the property to flow. Please contact us for more information.